Mystery Patch Mega Bundle 10-Pack

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U-Pick It - 10 Pack

This is the Mega Bundle! If you would like any specific designs, specify it on your order, and we'll do our best to cherry pick those first. You'll receive 10 unique patches. 

Options Include:
  • Adulting Is BS
  • Because I Like To Party
  • Blue Ribbon CPS Gray
  • Blue Ribbon CPS Western
  • Butt Trucker
  • Chuck It Oval
  • Chuck It Square
  • College Peep Show
  • Death Before Disco
  • Don't Tell Mom
  • Half Man Half Horse
  • Long Story
  • Low Life
  • Rumspringa or Die
  • Running Tab
  • Smokes Let's Go
  • Stay Drunk and Keep Lying
  • Vodka Vodka Vodka
  • What Are You Looking At, Dicknose?

Embroidered sew on patch with optional heat seal backing and merrowed edging made by TeamPhun of San Diego, CA